America's Richest Billionaires Loses $93 billion in just one Day.

On Tuesday the stock market Plunges 4.4% after higher-than-expected US inflation data was released.

Overall, around the world, Top 500 billionaires losses about $1.2 trillion on their money.

Jeff Bezos tops the loss takers. Jeff Bezos takes loss of $9.8 billion in one day.

On second numeber is Elon Musk as he take loss of about $8.4 billions in the market crash on Tuesday.

Mark Zuckerberg's wealth dipped about $5.6 Billion. thus he is the 3rd highest loss takers

Larry page Losses about $5.2 billion.

Warren Buffett loses $3.4 billion dollars.

Warren Buffett loses $3.4 billion dollars.

Lastly Billgates, whose wealth is dipped about $3.2 billion.