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Leonardo DiCaprio and  Gigi Hadid Amid Dating Rumors going Viral.

After breaking up with model Camila Morrone, 27 year old Gigi Hadid was spotted partying with Leonardo DiCaprio. According to US weekly.

47 years old Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted hanging out on Saturday night September 10 at afterparty at Newyork fashion week.

An eyewitness also said that Leonardo and Gigi were sitting on the same table at the event accompanied by Venus Williams and Ben Simmons.

According to the reports Gigi and Morrone break up leonardo has been spotted on Gigi's set, but she dosen't want to be romantic right now.

Gigi and Leonardo dating rumors came just weeks after the confirmation of breakup of leonardo and Camila.

On other hand Gigi Hadid also dated Zayn Malik and separated on oct 2021. Despite their break up both remain amicable parent for their daughter Khai.