It’s annoying and worrisome to find that your hair is falling in plenty and you can’t do anything about it while there may be specific reasons for this your choices of food too can be responsible, some foods can cause hair fall and you need to avoid them.

Here are the foods that can enhance your hair fall problems hence you need to limit their consumption or need to moderately consume.


Alcohol can surely be a catalyst to hair loss and it’s something you need to be wary of alcohol can make your hair dry and that would make them more susceptible to falling.

Not just this but alcohol also slows down the levels of zinc in the body which is in fact an important mineral for healthy hair growth.

So this is another reason why you must have alcohol in moderation or maybe you’d end up seeing yourself getting bored. Soon you may not have known that your favourite beer or your beloved Scotch can trigger hair loss but now when you do be sensible with your consumption of it.