The 40 Worst Cities to Visit in the United States

While the United States is obviously home to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and exciting places in the world, there are still some places that… aren’t so beautiful. Hey, we can’t win them all!

That’s because there are some places that exist that have less-than-stellar conditions for visiting, such as poverty, high crime rates, and unemployment. Other areas are just not all that exciting, despite having a name that’s “known,” or in many cases, a well-known celebrity just happened to grow up there.

Before you start planning out your next vacation, you might want to read through this list to see the places you might want to leave off of your bucket list.

St. Louis, Missouri

St Louis Missouri

Unfortunately, St. Louis, Missouri has become a city known for being one of the most not-so-great places to visit in America. That’s because the risk of experiencing a crime is 1 in 53, and the risk of property crimes is 1 in 10.

The reason for this is mostly because of a declining economy thanks to many of the longer-term residents leaving St. Louis for greener pastures. However, there has been a lot of revitalization going on with hopes of attracting new investments and residents.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Michigan

Another city with a not-so-great reputation is Detroit, Michigan, and that’s not all. It also has a reputation for having some of the rudest residents! Although “Motor City” used to be a go-to when visiting, most tourists steer clear of that area now thanks to the abandoned buildings and rumors of high crime rates.

Much like St. Louis, Detroit has suffered from an influx of crime and poverty that caused many of its prior residents to leave to other cities and states. Detroit is also trying to revitalize its city to attract new residents.


Reno, Nevada

Reno Nevada

Reno, Nevada is a well-known city and is specifically known as the “biggest little city in the world.” You might notice a theme with this list, with so many of these cities suffering from some pretty big issues when it comes to things like unemployment and crime.

It’s just a fact that the two go hand in hand and can have dire consequences for the city as a whole. For Reno, this has meant drastic cuts in public services, drops in housing prices, and layoffs.