Small Lifestyle Changes Helps You Live Longer and Healthy

Life is something that cannot be defined in an easy language or with one sentence. Everyone in the world has their way to live life as their lifestyle is different and has the freedom to live on their own.

Nowadays everyone was exaggerated in their life and because of that, they avoid many important prospects of their life and sacrifices many of their desires. Nowadays everyone is so busy in their work to achieve their goals, that they don’t have time for their family and themselves. This results in depression, illness, mental instability, irritation, and lots of things they started to feel happiness, joy, well-being, love, and affection.

Therefore, according to the existing studies, it can be said that: lifestyle has a significant influence on the physical and mental health of the human being.

The data from existing studies suggest that lifestyle has a significant influence on their physical and mental health. Maximum peoples fall for a lifestyle that encounters illnesses like metabolic diseases, pains, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, overweight,  violence, unwanted weight loss. And due to their bad lifestyle, they were always surrounded by negative feelings which decrease their mortality and longevity of life.

Importance of Lifestyle

Compare to people in today’s Era with their ancestors, a mortality rate falls drastically. Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, there is an increase in malnutrition and unhealthy diet, smoking and alcohol consumption, drugs intake, stress that leads to many health and mental problems.

 Lifestyle plays a significant role in the physical and mental health of human being. Healthy and Joyful life, for a prosperous life few things have to be done by everyone which helps them to attain happiness and become stress-free, supports their enthusiasm for their work, life, family.


A healthy lifestyle helps to increase a person life span, help to work more effectively, increase their attention towards their thoughts. Lifestyle is even important for matters related to love with family, friends, and loved ones. It helps you to feel good for yourself. Lifestyle helps you to be more confident and increase your personality even.

How to achieve a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle

The key to attaining and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is to do some small changes in the daily life cycle which helps to feel energetic, improve your health experience. Some key factors for a healthy and balanced lifestyle

SMILE MORE –  Your Smile is the basic and most important factor for a healthy and peaceful mind which and helps to achieve a healthy life. A smile is a thing that helps you to feel positive and calm your mind. Prevent you to feel stress and uneasiness.

Smile simply help you to stick in positive thinking by avoiding negative impacts and thoughts which scares you. It keeps you cool and calms your mind and body thereby making a potentially complicated situation easier to handle.

It happens because a smile performs a chemical reaction in the brain by releasing certain hormones called “dopamine” and “serotonin”.  Serotonin is a chemical sometimes called the happy chemical, because it contributes to wellbeing and happiness. These hormones combined to increase your feelings of happiness and reduces your stress levels. Smiling faces always look Prettier. So keep smiling.

EXERCISE-  Exercise helps you to attain physical strength and boost your metabolism and immune system of your body. It increases your muscle strength and fills you with energy. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which provides you with a healthy heart and lower the risk of heart diseases.

Include 1 hour of exercise in your daily routine for a fit and healthy body. Exercise helps to increases your immune system, reduces stress by delivering oxygen to the whole body properly and reduces the risk of causing diseases. Regular exercise help in the proper functioning of your organs and regulates the proper secretion of hormones from your glands.

MEDITATION- There’s a great Saying “Meditation prevents you to take medication”. It is a kind of technique that uses to calm your mind, relax your brain and body. It helps to increase your focus and provide stability both, ‘mentally and emotionally.


Meditation not only beneficial for your mental and physical health, but it also helps you to identify yourself, your strength, and weaknesses. Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Meditation spread energy and positivity in your mind so you can handle a particular situation with a greater possibility. Adding half an hour of meditation is sufficient in your daily life routine. lots of ways to meditate yourself so you just have to sit calm and feel the music that nature plays for you every day.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Exercises and meditation are lots alike to physical activity. Physical activity means walking, playing outside, body movements and so on. Unlike exercise, you don’t have to take out any extra time from your daily routine. You can do physical activities in your regular routine.

Suppose you are in your work, so do not sit constantly or ideally in the same position it tired you up so move your body timely. Take a break in between to go get some air, sit straight while working it helps your body to retain a correct body posture. You cannot feel tired in between work or after by following such simple advice.

Walk for 10 minutes after lunch and dinner it helps you to digest food properly. Take time for your family and friends from your busy life schedule play with them or walk in a garden by enjoying the evening breeze. Such a simple physical activity helps you can add in your daily routine while doing your regular work. 

STAY HYDRATED- Water is essential for your body as you know that up to 60% of the human adult body is water. To hydrate yourself you need to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily at proper intervals.  It helps your body from uncertain headaches, fatigue, and problems in focusing. 

Drink half an hour before and after taking a meal of the day. Drink at least two glasses of water early in the morning before going jogging or exercise. Water plays a significant role in a lot of necessary processes in our body, like it helps in the digestion process, purify your body, helps to reduce weight, and even your skin glows. 

Water helps to carry nutrients to different cells in your body and oxygen to your brain. Water helps the body to absorb vitamins, minerals, glucose, amino acids, and other helpful substances too. So drink an adequate amount of water daily and stay hydrated.

EAT HEALTHY FOOD-  Foods are rich in different nutrients which gives each food its different quality. Various foods contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre and water content.  Foods provide energy to our body and help to provide immunity to our body to fight with viruses and bacterias. So eating healthy food helps to increase immunity in our body.

Different kinds of foods have different tastes, enjoy your everyday meal by adding lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.  Adopt a healthy proper diet for a healthy lifestyle.  Choose your food in a manner that includes lots of vitamins and minerals in your daily meal.


Including different vegetables and fruits in your meal helps you to full for a long time. Also including vegetables and fruits will makes your diet a balanced diet. Never skip your breakfast as it is the most important meal of your day. Do a heavy breakfast as it provides energy for the whole day long and takes light dinner. Eat homemade and Fresh Food instead of junk food. “Eat Well Stay Well”.

TAKE ADEQUATE AMOUNT OF SLEEP-  Sleeping is the most effective way to relax your body and mind. After working so hard for the whole day approx 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day is sufficient to relax but the quality of sleep is important rather than the duration of sleep.

If you take a sound and pleasant sleep at night, then you wake up in the morning with a smile and positiveness and your body feels energetic and active. Sleep helps your body to recover from all the physical and mental stress of the whole day.

Quality sleep is important in the aspect of a healthy life, as sleeping directly affect your mental and physical health. 

SPEND MORE TIME WITH LOVED ONES- Nowadays all are having a busy and loaded life, many of them have their dreams to fulfil and others have responsibilities of their families.  We all put hard work and efforts that we make were simply to make our lives and our families live better and happy.

But in the process, we all forget the main objective to live happily and have a peaceful and better life for us and our families. And keep doing more efforts and spend less time with our families, friends and other loved ones.

When the time passes by maybe you have wealth, your dreamt position in your office but when you look back to your past you might not find any good memories to remember with your friends and family. And maybe in future, there is a high probability of chances that you might not find any of your loved ones near you to enjoy your success with you.

You have no idea what is waiting for you in future, so live your life today. Spend your time with family, friends, kids, your loved ones who want your time a little. Spend all your beautiful moments with your loved ones with lots of happiness, joy and a big smile. Share your feelings and problems too. Establish a strong bond with them with trust, love and affection it helps you to live happily and healthy life too.

TAKE MICRO VACATION – Always take a vacation which lasts to 2 days to 4 days between your busy working schedule. Take a small vacation or trip either with family, friends or alone. This kind of break helps you to reunite your mind calmness and to recharge your energy, mood and health.

A micro- vacation is a pack of maximum enjoyment within minimum time. It is proven through research, that a micro vacation helps people to be happier, calmer and more energized than those who rarely take time off. Also, these micro vacations can improve your work efficiency.

CLEANLINESS OF YOUR SURROUNDING- Cleanliness is the most essential part for physical well being and healthy environment. Cleanliness is a factor which helps you to remain healthy and improve your personality by keeping clean externally and internally.

The cleaner you and your surroundings keep our mental and physical health clean. Cleanliness helps us to feel good also it gives rise to a good character by keeping body, mind, and soul clean and peaceful.


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