Jorge Garcia Weight Loss 2021: Diet, Surgery, Net Worth, Before & After

About Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia is actually a renowned personality understood for being on television series including Lost. Nonetheless, he is actually now in the spotlight due to his weight loss.

Born on 28th April 1973, Jorge Garcia is an American comedian and actor. He is best known for portraying the role of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the television series Lost from 2004 to 2010. Jorge started gaining the attention of the public with his performance on the television show Becker as Hector Lopez.

He also performs as a stand-up comedian and had starred in the Fox television series Alcatraz with a minor character on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Jorge has played the wonderful role of Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-0.

Jorge Garcia is one of those stars that boasts of exactly how he is actually and well-known for the component the majority of people would rather stay clear of. Naturally, he is actually a little major for a beam balance, but he possesses no issues with the matter.

He is happy with it. They got him on a physical fitness program, which saw him perform additional sit-ups, running, and push-ups. They likewise jumped on a new diet that substituted fatty foods items with fruits and veggies.

This was the Nooch diet, and it found him enter into the habit of consuming meals with higher proteins and low carbs. Jorge even went one action even more, confining his alcoholic drinks intake.

Jorge Garcia net worth

At this point, Garcia has really made himself a great deal of money by appearing in many shows and films. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Lost star has a fortune worth around $5 million!


Even though Jorge has grown into a Hollywood star, perhaps it’s his weight loss journey that has been the talk of the town in recent years. The 47-year-old actor has been hailed as a role model for people wanting to lose a few pounds.

At the time he was cast in the TV series Lost, Jorge weighed too much – something that became obvious to everyone who watched the series.

Jorge entered into the world of television when he was designated for a duty in Becker. The chubby person has actually resided in continual requirement ever since he seemed on the Lost set and Hawaii 5 O, Port and others.

His functioning assignment in Lost gave him a powerful headstart in the direction of developing a job, and he made a couple of honors along the way.


Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

Jorge Garcia weight loss journey

For years Jorge Garcia was described as “the largest member of the cast of Lost” because of his measurements, which is something that eventually came to be a substantial concern not merely for him, but likewise for his buddies, household, and even co-stars.

That was when he chose to change his day-to-day behaviors in order to have a healthier way of life and likewise to stay clear of significant complications like diabetes.

Jorge was regularly health-conscious, but his diet behaviors switch him unfit. This Carly hair comic role player was regularly in conversation because of his improving weight. Therefore, this was quite important for him to lessen weight. For that, he regularly must really feel unusual.

How much weight has Jorge Garcia lost?

Garcia reportedly lost almost 100lbs (45kg) off his 400lb (181kg) frame at one stage over his career, thanks to a strict diet and workout plan. There were further reports that Garcia lost his weight by following the Nooch diet, which is powered by deactivated yeast, and eating lots of spinach, vegetables, and protein.

Jorge garcia is an american actor and comedian who shocked the world with his massive weight loss.

Jorge garcia weight loss lost. John goodman’s weight loss journey. 31 since playing the lucky unlucky. Exercises were part of his weight loss plan.

Apart from the nooch diet, Jorge Garcia used to work out. Eventually, he adopted veganism and consumed an entirely plant-based diet excluding all kinds of animal products including dairy products.

This lifestyle change had a significant impact on his life and weight as he lost 100lbs. His unhealthy food intake was switched to a healthy one. Garcia with a team of expert dieticians and workout trainers started for the same.

Jorge Garcia who appeared in lost between 2004 and along with weight loss for lost. Jorges inspiration for weight loss. For this reason, he was placed under the guidance of professionals to help him achieve this.


Being overweight was never an issue for their career of Jorge but for his appearance in loss he was asked to reduced weight. Jorge Garcia wife weight loss net worth married body measurements he announced his presence on tv series becker 2003 2004 solidified it with lost 2004 2010 and continues to bring it home with Hawaii five 0 that man is none other than the surprisingly amusing Jorge Garcia. Feb 20 Garcia at the WonderCon in march.


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