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  • Known as the sharpest, most durable, and fastest drawing survival knife in the world, the 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife isn’t just a stone aged cutting instrument.
  • Nearly indestructible and completely blood & waterproof this is the go-to survival knife for every situation!
  • Engineered from corrosion resistant stainless steel blade so it’s completely blood & waterproof while being nearly indestructible under maximum abuse. Blade length is 9.5cm (3.74”).
  • Fire Starter that’s also waterproof so you can spark up a blaze in a moment’s notice lighting up the darkest or coldest of nights.
  • Convenient LED light so you can cut safely & precisely even in the dark. With over 12 hours of bright, consistent light on a single battery.
  • Bottle opener on the backside of the thick blade so you never have to struggle opening a cold-one
  • At the base end there’s a seatbelt cutter & glass breaker if you’re ever stuck in your car and need to make a quick escape. The glass breaker doubles as a strike tool so you can defend yourself without using lethal force


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