Gabourey Sidibe from Precious Stunning Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Precious “Gabourey Sidibe” actress from “Empire” is been all over the news and social media for her sensational weight loss. Before her weight loss “Precious” was reportedly weighed about 300 pounds, but after Precious weight loss, she was now about 150 pounds.

Gabourey Sidibe is being bullied for years because of her appearance and because of that, she has been trying desperately to lose weight. But she has been struggling to lose her weight naturally as she made many desperate efforts like running, exercise, dieting and tried all other methods.

At last, she opts for weight loss supplements, Last May she revealed her weight loss secret to her fans as she showed off her curves, wearing a top and leggings. Precious revealed her weight loss supplement that she has been taking since last year. Also, She disclosed publicly about her relationship with Brandon Frankel.

GABBY Flaunting Her Beautiful Body Transformation

Gabourey Sidibe doesn’t skip her chance to put social media on fire as she flaunts her gorgeous slim body on Instagram. Back in January, she posts her photo on Instagram in which she posted her Gym from Gym kneeling on a large orange ball and having a more confident look.

Also the caption of this pic from Instagram “Balls and Knees and Magic.” tells her confidence about her new look.

Gabourey Sidibe opened up about her weight loss journey. She explained that she was able to lose about her 150 pounds in one year by taking her keto weight loss supplement.

After she unsuccessfully tried to lose weight by her own means she finally decided to take these supplements as these were her last hope after she and her brother Ahmed, 34, were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.


Gabourey Sidibe also confessed that she used to be bullied often, and it made her feel ugly all her life, which also prompted her decision to go for these supplements and it works perfectly well for her.

Precious Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Many of you wondering what does Precious look like now? So, here are the Precious weight loss pics before and after.

Precious weight loss
Precious Before and After Weight Loss

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