Foods that help you to gain weight in a healthy way

Most people have a perception that is only being overweight is a problematic condition for their body. And if you were lean and skinny and your body weight is low then you were considered to be fit. But according to doctors, underweight and overweight both are Problematic health conditions. Not only overweight can cause many health-related problems, but if you were underweight this too can cause many health problems.

Most likely an underweight person does not get enough nutrients to build healthy bones muscles, skin, and hair. An underweight person can fall sick very easily and frequently. He/She may face many problems like feeling tired all the time, slow body growth, irregular periods many health-related disorders related to skin and hair. For good health, the body weight should be according to BMI(Body Mass Index) scale.

BMI is a body mass index that can be measure by comparing your body height with weight. BMI scale can indicate whether you are overweight or underweight. If BMI indicates that you are underweight then you need to to do some changes in your daily life so you can attain a healthy weight gain. Here we focus on Healthy weight gain, as a matter of fact, that sudden weight gain in your body can also lead to many health problems.

Here is the list of all healthy foods items that you can take for Healthy Weight Gain.

1. Protein Smoothies- Protein smoothies provide you with fat, carbohydrates, and protein that your body needed to build muscle mass. Protein smoothies will help you to increase your body mass by increasing your muscle mass.

Protein smoothies provide you sufficient amount of calories that your body requires also fulfil your daily requirement of Vitamins, fibre, and minerals. Protein smoothies will help you to increase your muscle mass and help you to gain bodyweight.

Protein smoothies can include strawberry, banana, peanut butter, peanuts, chocolate, blueberry it. You can use any of these ingredients in combination to make your protein smoothie delicious. Nuts, vegetables, dairy products, are also good ingredients for smoothies.


2. Milk – Milk is found in two categories low fat and full-fat milk. If you are looking for healthy weight gain then go for full-fat milk. Full fat milk contains a lot of calories, fats of about 8 mg, good cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, natural sugar, and a lot of proteins.

Add milk to your daily diet helps you in building and maintaining bone and muscle mass. Helping your body for proper growth improves your digestion process, boost immunity, and provides you energy. Any type of milk is rich in protein and beneficial nutrients and higher in fat content increases the calorie intake. So you can consume any kind of milk in your daily diet.

3. Rice- Rice is rich in calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It is always said about rice that the fibre gets removed from the grain during the process of refining. But it is not true, only one fibre gets lost which leads increase in glycemic index.

The Glycemic index is the level of sugar breakdown in the human body. While eating rice The breakdown of sugar in the body happens quickly and sugar is instantly released into the bloodstream which leads to weight gain. Adding rice is also a good source of minerals like magnesium, Selenium, Folic acid, and phosphorus.

4. Cereals and Whole Wheat Bread- Both are excellent sources of carbs, calories, and nutrients. Cereals are healthy if you choose grain-based cereals rather than processed sugar cereals. Grain-based cereals contain sources of granular, multigrain, bran which is a pack of fibre and healthy antioxidants.

Whole wheat bread contains zero cholesterol and contains good carbohydrates, protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins.  whole wheat bread is a good source of calorie intake for healthy weight gain.

Cereals are a good source of calories and carbs by combining with milk, fruits, and nuts.  Whole wheat bread is a good source of calories by combining with protein sources such as eggs, meat, and cheese.

5. Meat-  Red meat and oily fish are good sources of amino acids that your body needs to stimulate muscle protein and add new muscle tissues.  Meat is a good source of protein, zinc, iron Selenium, and phosphorus. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin B.


Both lean and fatty meat is a good source of Protein.  While fatty meat provides more calories which helps you gain weight. Eating meat is a good option for non-vegetarians who want to gain a healthy weight.

6. Nuts and Dried fruits-  some nuts contain Unsaturated fat and calorie with protein and carbs.

Nuts like cashew Almonds walnut it in a large quantity helps you to raise a healthy weight.

Right fruits are high-calorie food with very high sugar content. they are convenient to eat and taste great.

Dried fruits are packed with healthy fibre and antioxidants and easy food to add nutrients to your weight gain diet plan.

7. Starch-  Starchy carb is a great source of calories. They are very easy and cost-effective. Starchy carbs add carbs and calories to help you gain weight.

Healthy starches are a great source of nutrients and fibres. Starch provides energy in the form of glucose.  Glucose is stored in the body as glycogen that helps you to improve your performance during exercise and maintaining your energy level.

Some starchy foods are potatoes, oats, buckwheat, beans, and legumes, corn, quinoa, root vegetables. They contain lots of proteins and fibers that full-fill your nutrients level.

8. Dark Chocolate-  Dark chocolate is very nutritious and a pack of antioxidants. Even helps in lowering blood pressure and reduce your stress level.

Dark chocolate with cocoa contains fibre iron magnesium Copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and Selenium. Chocolate is a nutritious food with lots of calories and a moderate amount of sugar.


Like other high fat-food sources, dark chocolate has a high-calorie content which leads you to gain weight.

  1. Oil and Fat- Oil and fat are the dense calorie food from all. Most of the oil contains saturated fat that is responsible for weight gain.

Sunflower oil, Soya oil, mustard oil are a source of high calories with nutrients, and they can help you to gain weight but remember while using oils it should be used in a limited amount to gain weight healthily and not being fatty.

Cheese can be used firmly as cheese is a good source of protein and is rich in healthy fats. you can add cheese instead of oil to your meals and boost your calorie and flavour. Homemade ghee is the best among all the oil and saturated fat which you can use. Add homemade ghee to your daily diet plan for a healthy weight gain.


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