Whole World in great Sorrow from the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Britain is coming terms with a new era without Queen Elizabeth II at its helm on Friday, as people around the country and the world mourn the death of the monarch. Tributes have poured in from across the globe for Elizabeth, who died at age 96 after the longest reign in British history, a seven-decade period during which she oversaw the … Read more


We live in a vast, complex world, where new species are being discovered all the time. Yet even as these exciting creatures are being discovered, the increasing human population, climate change, habitat destruction, hunting and the over-exploitation of wildlife mean countless numbers of animals that will go extinct within a child’s lifetime. Scientists have estimated that … Read more

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss 2022 | 50 lbs weight loss story

  If you’re not familiar with Criminal Minds‘s FBI Technical Analyst, Penelope Garcia, now’s the time to meet her. Best known for her portrayal of the character Penelope Garcia  a technical analyst in the crime drama “Criminal Minds,” Kirsten Vangsness credits her co-star & a universal sex symbol, Shemar Moore for helping realize her “queerness.” Engaged to a man now, … Read more