There’s no clear path for a celebrity to take to the top. Some are born into fame, some find it on the runway, and still, others get their start as beauty pageant queens. Whether they reigned supreme in competition or not, these are our favourite ex-pageant girls. Rihanna Back in 2004, Rihanna was strutting her … Read more

Where Are They Now: Celebrities Of The 1990s

The 1990s represent a good time in many people’s lives, and unquestionably, easier times. Kids grew up carefree, while adults got to experience fun new technology, like CDs, VHS tapes (from Blockbuster!), and cordless phones. Of course, there were plenty of iconic celebrities – names you used to love, some of which you may have … Read more


It’s annoying and worrisome to find that your hair is falling in plenty and you can’t do anything about it while there may be specific reasons for this your choices of food too can be responsible, some foods can cause hair fall and you need to avoid them. Here are the foods that can enhance … Read more

The 40 Worst Cities to Visit in the United States

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10 New Green Technologies That Will Change The World

10. No more plastic problems Boyan Slat, a 19-year-old genius, has been developing a unique solution to get rid of plastic that has infested our oceans. At such a tender age he has already come up with a brilliant idea to use natural currents of the ocean to collect the garbage and later recycle it. … Read more

17 Cholesterol Lowering Foods To Keep Your Arteries Plaque-Free

Keeping your heart healthy should always be a top priority. After all, it’s the muscle at the core of every system in your body! Left unmonitored, high cholesterol levels can lead to heart attacks and high blood pressure. Below is a list of 17 cholesterol lowering foods to help prevent heart disease and keep your arteries plaque-free. … Read more

8 Ways to Lower Your Travel Insurance Pricing

Protection is regularly the sting you didn’t expect while planning for your movements. The increasing expenses of clinical costs abroad, just as ominous trade rates, imply that that that cost is set to soar for a considerable lot of us. However, don’t risk it and travel without cover, investigate my tips and deceives for ensuring … Read more

12 Used Luxury Cars You Can Afford

Sometimes, buying a used quality car turns out to be a better decision than buying an average new car. They simply don’t age in the same way, or at the same pace. Sure, when you buy a new car of lower quality, you can be care-free for the first couple of years; it probably won’t … Read more