12 Used Luxury Cars You Can Afford

Sometimes, buying a used quality car turns out to be a better decision than buying an average new car. They simply don’t age in the same way, or at the same pace. Sure, when you buy a new car of lower quality, you can be care-free for the first couple of years; it probably won’t break during this period.

However, after that, you can expect it to give you a hard time – maybe even too often. Buying a used luxury car can be a good idea; these machines are simply made to last longer and to give the owner less headache. Here are several ideas:

Mercedes-Benz CL 500 AMG

This elegant looking coupe is classy on the outside and comfortable, with plenty of space. The fact that is has 3 doors doesn’t take away the comfort. The production ended in 2013 in the EU and 2014 in the United States.

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You can find this model (from 2008) in an excellent condition for some 28,000 USD. Even though it is used and some would say “old”, the car doesn’t look old, and it certainly doesn’t give you that feel.

You will feel comfortable, safe, and enjoy it for many more years to come. They come with 7 or 5-speed automatic transmission, and with 6.0 V12, 5.5 V12, 6.2 V8, 5.5 V8 or 4.7 V8 engine.

Mercedes-Benz R171 (SLK Kompressor 200 Coupe)

With I4 supercharged engine, 5-speed transmission, this car is simple and comfortable to drive. The classy looks will add more charm to the overall experience.

Although it is less spacious, compared to some other cars in this class, the cabin still offers plenty of space; if you are looking for a quality car that is both classy and sporty, this girl might be right for you. You can buy an SLK Kompressor 200 Coupe from 2004 for roughly 22,000 USD


Porsche Cayenne S

Produced from 2002-2010, Cayenne was a surprise, not only for Porsche lovers. Some loved the idea of Porsche making a powerful SUV, whereas others hated its looks. The front resembled the “classical” Porsche style, which is exactly what some people hated about it.

However, even they did not doubt the quality of this vehicle. The powerful eight-cilinder engine (340 PS), great acceleration (0-60 in 7 seconds), good visibility, as well as comfortable interior, made this car loved worldwide. For some, it quickly became a dream car.

Indeed, Cayenne S, GTS, Turbo, and Turbo S, have become known not only as safe, reliable and powerful cars; they have also become the status symbol.

The best thing is that they age well; you can get a ten-year-old Cayenne that looks and sounds like it just left the factory. The price?

You can find Cayennes at various prices, depending on the overall condition of the car, as well as the part of the world you live in. We managed to find a great Cayenne S (2006) priced at 17,000 USD.

Porsche Boxster S

The second generation (987) resembles Carrera GT, and that was probably the result of Porsche’s “play it safe”strategy: offer people something great, that reminds them of another great thing that they already love.

The fist generation Boxster was well-built, but used 986s are now considered “too old”to buy. The second generation comes with a bit more power than than the old 986 variant, and slight cosmetic differences. General opinion (among the owners) is positive.


This roadster is sporty and classy – and comfortable, despite its size. Transmission is five-speed manual, six-speed manual, or 6-speed Tiptronic S. How much does it cost?

Depending on where you are, and the condition of the car, the prices can be as low as 20,000 or as high as … the price of a new car. We’ve succeeded at finding a great Boxser S (2005) for 24,000 USD.


Porsche Cayman S

The production of the first generation started in 2006. Today, you can find ten-year old Caymans in perfect condition. We can’t say it ages well; it would be more accurate to say it doesn’t age at all.

The engine is powerful and alert, which makes the ride dynamic and fun. Safety is usually an issue with sports two-seaters; drivers get carried away, the car is too powerful and a bit too light, and all that combined with the adrenaline coming directly from the engine, can lead to accidents.

However, safety system is as good as it can be, the space in the cabin is more than sufficient for those lucky two people riding in it. The price, of course, depends on different factors, and can significantly differ in different parts of the world, but we managed to locate a Cayman S (2007), in Europe for nearly 28,000 USD.

Audi TT 3.2 DSG

Auti TT 3.2 DGS is another great luxury car you can get at a reasonable price. The model we have found is Mk2, the production of which started in 2006.

A small but comfortable sports car, available in the front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive varriant, also comes as either a two-seater roadster or a coupe.

Designed to be a sports car, you can expect a fun and easy ride; however, it doesn’t lack style, so wherever you go, it will fit in. We found it for 16,500 USD (2008).

Jaguar XF 2.7 TD

Although its line slightly differs from the classic Jaguar body line, it has kept some important Jaguar features. It is a mid-sized car, but comfortable, with plenty of space in the cabin.


It comes with some cool features, such as touch-control systems (glove compartment and interior lights respond to touch); and – leather everywhere (even the parts that are normally not made of leather in other Jaguar models are covered in leather in XF).

Yes, it is expensive, as it should be, but if you choose to buy a used Jaguar XF 2.7 TD (for example, from 2007), you can have it for 29,000 USD.


Maserati 4200 Coupe Cambiocorsa

The production started in 2001, and just like that, the same year, this model (the Spyder) was voted the best GT (Forbes). The transmission is manual, either a stick, or cambiocorsa – electrohydraulic manual transmission.

This system is really cool, because it is an F1 type, similar to those used in Ferraris. As for the interior, you can expect comfort, elegance, and enough space. The body line resembles Aston Martin; however, it still keeps the Maserati autentic details. We found a 2003 Maserati 4300 Coupe Cambiocorsa for 22,000 USD. The best deal out there!

Lexus RX 350 Hybrid

Made by Toyota, this luxury vehicle is not only a classy car, but also a powerful SUV, good for all road conditions. The production of third generation (the one we have found, used, at a good price) started in 2008.

Toyota made a fantastic interior, with plenty of space both in the front and back. The V6 engine delivers 275 hp, which is more than enough for a fun ride! It is still being manufactured, but if the price of a new Lexus is too high for you, there is no reason not to get a used one at a reasonable price. These cars keep their value. We found a 2009 Lexus RS 250 Hybrid at the price of 20,500 USD.


BMW Z4 3.0 Si

An improved version of the Z3 (which, by the way, didn’t get a great reception), came with more space and a bit more luxury, and much better, multi-link suspension. 5-6 speed manual or automatic are both available in this model.

Although it did receive some criticism regarding steering (the goal was to make it more efficient, economic and easier, but the drivers were unhappy with the “unnatural feel”.)

However, the car kept the high BMW quality standards, and you can’t deny the classy look. We found one from 2007,  for 15,000 USD.

Infiniti FX 50

Infiniti FX 50 came with some innovations, the goal of which was to bring more luxury and comfort.  The interior is made of quality materials (leather, maple), and the exterior innovations included altered headlights, improved air vents, and a nicer grille.

This model kept characteristic mixture of sporty look and elegance. 5 L engine delivers 390 hp, which is more than enough for a dynamic and fun ride. This model’s body was improved; it was made more rigid, in order to reduce the bending. We have found one (2009), for 21,000 USD.


Ford Mustang GT

The fifth generation of Mustang was produced from 2005 till 2010. Some 2005 models came as “premium convertibles”. Capable of delivering 300 hp, this model came with both automatic and manual five-speed transmission.

Although very modern-looking, it still kept some of the classic features seen in older models. This car looks more powerful than most cars in its class, even though it has many competitors.

If you opt for a used Mustang GT, you can find a 2006 car priced at 18,000 USD. Eleven-year old car may not sound attractive, but once you see it and test it, you will probably change your mind.


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